The NZ Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA) Inc is a standards-based registration authority committed to helping practitioners maintain standards of professional, ethical and clinical competency in acupuncture in NZ.

NZASA was incorporated in 2000.  It is a member-led organisation with an elected Registration Board and an employed Registrar.

NZASA is one of two voluntary self-regulatory bodies which register acupuncturists in NZ.   NZASA was recognised in 2005 under the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Act, and through that NZASA registered members are able to become ACC Treatment Providers.

NZASA understands the importance of separating education and regulatory roles in keeping with the professional requirements of the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance (HPCA) Act. 

NZASA’s membership includes both local practitioners and practitioners from the UK, USA, Australia and further afield who have chosen to reside and practice in New Zealand.  The membership is made up of practitioners who hold recognised qualifications in Acupuncture and/or Chinese Medicine, including diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate and masters degrees.

Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine) is now regulated in New Zealand. Nine members were appointed to the new Chinese Medicine Council on 17th May 2022 and NZASA will continue the registration until the Council is fully set up to start registration.

NZASA recognises that practitioners needs vary from one person to another.  It therefore offers both Registered and Non Practicing membership types so you can choose what suits you best:

Benefits of membership with NZASA

  • Membership of a recognised Registration Authority.
  • Educational opportunities through NZASA's affiliated organisations and the wider professional acupuncture community.
  • The option to have Public Liability and Indemnity insurance.
  • Up-to-date news and information regarding regulations affecting the profession.
  • The opportunity to build your professional network.

Joining NZASA as a Registered member

NZASA maintains a list of Registered acupuncturists who are able to apply to become ACC Treatment Providers in terms of Section 6 (1) of the ACC Act.  

NZASA has established ethical, technical and practice standards, which are implemented through the registration and certification programme, and enforced through a code of professional conduct and disciplinary procedures that apply to all of its Registered acupuncturists.  

NZASA operates a competency assessment regime that includes a workplace evaluation by qualified Assessors.  NZASA also provides guidance to practitioners on acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice issues, and promotes the education and training of practitioners.

Who can apply for membership?

The following can apply for membership with NZASA – as a Non Practicing member or Registered member.  The application form is suitable for use by persons who are: 

  • Graduates or practitioners with a NZ qualification in acupuncture or Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine)
  • Graduates or practitioners with an overseas qualification in acupuncture or Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine)
  • Previous NZASA registered practitioners (within five years) who wish to re-register

See the Membership pages for the Application form, fees and application processes.

ACC Treatment Providers

NZASA has been recognised in the ACC Act since 2005.  Acupuncturists registered with NZASA can apply to become ACC Treatment Providers.  

ACC provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all NZ residents and visitors to NZ.  As an ACC Treatment Provider, you are able to treat people and claim your fees (or part-fees) directly from ACC.  Please visit the ACC website for further information about ACC - 

In order to become an ACC Treatment Provider, a practitioner must first meet NZASA’s registration criteria and hold a current Annual Practicing Certificate. 


In September 2010, the Chinese Medicine profession in NZ submitted two applications for the recognition of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine) under the Health Practitioner's Competency Assurance (HPCA) Act.  

This is an ongoing process and as at November 2019 no decision has been made by the government. Until Chinese Medicine is recognised as a health profession, regulation will continue to be voluntary and the profession will continue to be self-regulated.   

Therefore, the current registration process surrounding registration with NZASA remains in place in accordance with the ACC legislation.