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Sterile Single-use Disposable Needles
All NZASA members are recognised by the NZ Blood Donor Service. Therefore all NZASA members are required to use sterile, single-use disposable needles as per sections C & E of the NZASA Codes of Safe Practice for Acupuncturists, and sections 13.3 of the NZASA Codes of Ethics.

 This search facility is provided to help you find a Chinese medicine practitioner in your area. All registered NZASA members are listed in this Register. If you wish to be treated by a practitioner who is an ACC Treatment Provider, please ask the practitioner about this when you contact them.

To find a practitioner near you, please use the Key Word search in the column to the left. Once the search is complete, please click on the name of the practitioner to view their details.

All annual registrations are presumed to run from 1 April through 31 March.


First Name Surname Practice Name City Membership Status
Jeong Ho (Jay) Hwang Manurewa Chinese medicine Auckland Active
In-Beom (Charlie) Hwang Active
Cheul-Shik Im Gangnam Acupuncture Auckland Active
Shinobu Iwaki Premium health Auckland Active
Deborah JANE Warkworth Active
Sang Hyun JANG Auckland Active
Johng Wan Jeen Active
Lucy Jenkins Auckland Active
Ella Ji M.E. Holistic Care Auckland Active
Xiaoyong (John) Ji Auckland Active
John Yi Jiang Christchurch Active
Leon Jiang Christchurch Active
Ying (Virginia) Jin ponsonby wellness centre Auckland Active
Xiaodong Jin Auckland Active
Jeong Jin (Matthew) Jin PrimeCare Acupuncture Clinic Palmerston North Active
Anthony Jin Auckland Active
Meng (Jay) Jing pro acupuncture Dunedin Active
Paul Johnson Bay Acupuncture Tauranga Active
Hannah Johnstone GLOWbody Auckland Active
In Hae (Reichel) Jun Win of Rapha Oriental Medicine Clinic Christchurch Active